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About Penman Antique Fairs

Caroline Penman
Caroline Penman has organised Antiques Fairs since 1967, (see History) - with Barbara Bell at her right hand since 1989. Ben Cooper (dealer and TV Expert) joined them around 2008 and in the summer of 2014, the office moved to Malvern, along with Barbara, to be nearer Ben. Barbara, Ben and Caroline then became co- directors of Penman Fairs Ltd, and the general running of the fairs was based at 5 Marlborough Gardens, Malvern, WR14 1EH. Caroline remained in Sussex, still on 01825 744074, concentrating mainly on design & print of catalogues, tickets, website etc.
In spring 2019, the Limited Company is being dissolved, and Penman Antiques Fairs reverts to Caroline Penman, as a sole trader. Barbara and Ben will assist when needed, but the schedule of fairs is shorter, with Chester and Burford fairs run by Cooper Events and Two Cs Fairs respectively.

Reliable reputation

Penmans enjoy an excellent reputation for smoothly run events where quality, a good balance of disciplines, fairness and friendliness are to the fore, bringing a stimulating and enjoyable time for both visitors and exhibitors.

Value & Integrity

Penmans offer modestly priced stands to respected dealers with high standards of knowledge, dealership and stock. As a result, the Fairs offer the public a wide selection of fairly priced quality antiques to enjoy and purchase, with the assurance that exhibitors are expected to label everything descriptively, with the price and date. This is backed up by a Vetting Committee before each fair opens.

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Penman Fairs Ltd.

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