Penman Fairs - Security And Privacy

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Penman Antique Fairs Security and Privacy Policy

Penman Antique Fairs Security and Privacy Policy


Visitors and their bags and coats may be searched on entry or exit of any Penman Fair.

Visitors making a purchase within the fair will be issued with a goods pass out slip. This must be handed to a member of security at the exit when the item is removed from the fair.

Large bags and antiques may not be brought into the fair, but must be left at the Cloakroom, Security Room or Organisers Office. Items brought in to show specifically nominated exhibitors will be allowed in, with a pass, so if brought out again, they can be accounted for.

Items for valuation must be brought to the Organiser who will call an appropriate exhibitor to the office.

The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or eject anyone without giving any reason, for the well-being of visitors and exhibitors and safety of items.

Visitors may not attempt to sell any goods or services to exhibitors or visitors, without the prior permission of the Organiser.

Visitors are requested to photograph items only with the permission of the standholder.

Privacy Policy:

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We do not pass on our emailing lists to anyone or any agency.