Penman Fairs - Standards And Vetting

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Penman Antique Fairs Standards and Vetting

Penman Antique Fairs Standards and Vetting

Visitors can buy with confidence at any Penman Fair, knowing that every item for sale has been carefully vetted for quality and authenticity by a specialist Vetting Committee whose sole purpose is to maintain a high standard, commensurate with the standing of the Fair.

The Standards and Vetting Guidelines here detail requirements for quality, condition, authenticity and labelling for every item to be offered for sale at a Penman Fair.


Effectively there are no datelines, but dealers mainly offering antique items will be restricted to 6 modern items. There will be a few contemporary stands in any fair. Restrictions come in where items after 1914 to the present day are made in a style of an earlier period, which might deceive. This 1914 cut-off moves to 1970 for rugs jewellery and silver.


All exhibitors are required to provide accurate and informative labels for every item, including the price, which should ideally be easily read by visitors without having to ask. It is understood that this cannot be practical in all cases.


All exhibitors are required to issue invoices for every item sold (over £20), giving the full business details of the exhibitor, including correspondence address and phone number, and a description which is in accord with the label, which must include medium, date and details of any defects/restoration.

The Guidelines here are designed to assist Vetters and Exhibitors, so all are aware of Penmans' standards and what is expected of everyone. These guidelines can be interpreted strictly for the major fairs, but may be more gently upheld at lesser fairs.

Penmans are more than willing to try to resolve any problems between buyers and sellers at Penman Fairs.